FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: PRN Behavioral Health Tech: Crossroads & Detox Programs [Position # 303]


Shift Differential Pay! 

Welcome to David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLCenters), where we restore and rebuild lives with the help of the industry's most skilled professionals.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, DLCenters is a respected leader in the behavioral health field, providing comprehensive and innovative mental health and substance use treatment services.

Celebrating over 50 years of service to the region, DLCenters is a not-for-profit organization, overseen by a volunteer board of community leaders.

Serving adults, children and families, more than 290,000 prevention, intervention and treatment services were provided in the last year.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: PRN Behavioral Health Tech: Crossroads & Detox Programs [Position # 303]


- Direct Client care that demonstrates intuitive skill and inclusive treatment.

- Crisis support and intervention plus processing admissions and discharges.

- Managing group and recreational activities to assist with holistic approach to care.

- Assisting with training, orientation and compliance for new hires

- Ensuring the safety of both Clients and colleagues in all environments, including transport.

- Clearly and consistently communicating the David Lawrence Center's Charter.

- Providing a therapeutic environment for services and treatment. 


    - High school Diploma/GED = Required

    - Bachelor's degree in psychology or related field = Preferred

    - Current and clear FL Driver's License = Required

    - Relevant direct service work experience in mental health, group homes, prison, detention centers or similar work setting = Required

    - Bilingual = Preferred

    - Electronic Medical Records and HIPAA experience = Strongly Preferred

    - Microsoft Office 365 (Including TEAMS/Video Calls) = Required

    - Staying up to date on all trainings/immunizations = Required

    - Ability to pass a Level II DCF Fingerprinting, Drug Test and Local Criminal Background Screen = Required


Shift Differential Pay! Flexible Schedule! 

- Hourly/Non-Exempt Position

~ PRN/On-Call Status

~ Shifts extended include weekdays, weekends and holidays

~ 8AM-4PM, 4PM-12AM or 12AM-8AM

~ PRN Agreement with minimum of 2 shifts per month (1 must be a weekend)

- Full and comprehensive training

- Potential to transition into Full-Time role based on availability and performance

- Shift Differential pay increase for hours worked between 4PM-8AM


DLCenters is a symbol of hope for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly residing in Southwest Florida who struggle with mental health and substance use challenges. 

Through DLCenters' work, lives are saved, families are kept together, children succeed, homelessness is reduced, quality of life is returned, and dignity is restored to those in need.

Together we can inspire and create an environment that empowers people towards life-changing wellness to achieve what is possible!

If you are interested in making a commitment to providing exceptionally compassionate care and making a powerful difference in the lives of our clients and their families, you may contact Head Recruiter Beth Poulin directly via bethp@dlcenters.org or 239-206-6523.