Part-Time Peer Specialist - Substance Use Disorders: Community Services [Position # 965]


New Position Requiring Personal Substance Use Disorder Experience

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Part-Time Peer Specialist - Substance Use Disorders: Community Services [Position # 965]

DLCenters is excited to offer this new associate level position; a 1-to-1 opportunity to work with our Drug Court Clients in Community Services that requires an ability to relate to a quest for a safe, healthy and happy life.

We are looking to select a compassionate Peer able to use their own personal experience with Substance Use Disorders to support, educate and guide our Clients as they navigate through their own recovery.


- Serving as a supporter, role model, mentor and advocate to individuals with substance use disorders to assist in recovery planning and goal setting.

- Providing non-clinical, evidence-based Peer support services and working with Peers to implement self-management wellness plans.

- Working with local CCSO and Drug Court officials on behalf of Peers.

- Providing recovery and whole health education to help Peers identify their objectives in both 1:1 and group settings.

- Helping Peers identify their interests/strengths and participating in all decisions related to establishing and achieving their recovery goals.

- Assisting Peers with developing problem-solving skills so that they can respond to challenges that may arise in their recovery process.

- Participating as a member of a Peer's entire treatment/recovery support team and including family members' input when a Peer desires.

- Assisting Peers in organizing their time to keep appointments as well as other scheduled contacts with specific providers.

- Conveying hope to Peers about their own recovery and model that recovery is possible by demonstrating recovery-focused health and wellness behaviors.

- Promoting social learning, understanding and acceptance through shared experiences.

- Supporting successful community inclusion and participation.

- Coaching Peers to establish/reestablish/maintain healthy relationships with family members (of choice), significant others and friends.

- Participating in community and outside agency meetings related to creating a recovery-oriented system of care throughout Florida.


- Personal experience with the following = Required

  ~ Recovery from Substance Use Disorders
  ~ Having gone through Drug Court or the Criminal Justice System
  ~ 12-step or other structured Recovery Programs

- Peer Specialist Certification = Preferred Within 1 Year of Employment

- Working knowledge of Substance Use Treatment principles = Required

- Ability to share personal recovery experiences and to develop authentic Peer-to-Peer relationships = Required

- Respecting each individual Peer's unique path to recovery = Required

- Confidence in knowing when to share and when to listen = Required

- Valid Florida Driver's License and clean driving record = Required

- Ability to recognize the need for, set, communicate and maintain Peer boundaries = Required

- Capacity to relate to a diverse group of Peers and co-workers = Required

- Microsoft Office 365 and Electronic Medical Records = Preferred 

- Confidence to work with a combination of empathy, energy and efficiency = Required


- Part-Time/Hourly/Non-Exempt Position (approximately 20 hours per week)

~ Hours to be completed between Monday and Friday with some flexibility required for Client/Peer needs 

~ Prorated PTO

~ Diverse discounts with local businesses

~ DLC-sponsored Health & Wellness Initiatives


DLCenters is a symbol of hope for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly residing in Southwest Florida who struggle with mental health and substance use challenges.

Through DLCenters' work, lives are saved, families are kept together, children succeed, homelessness is reduced, quality of life is returned, and dignity is restored to those in need.

Together we can inspire and create an environment that empowers people towards life-changing wellness to achieve what is possible!

If you are interested in making a commitment to providing exceptionally compassionate care and making a powerful difference in the lives of our clients and their families, you may contact Head Recruiter Beth Poulin directly via or 239-354-1482.